Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Depot in Abbeville

Lucy and I headed out on Wednesday to meet artist friends(Denise Broussard, Kaye Landry, Justin Krielow and Sara Wood) in Abbeville to paint.  It was a little chilly but promises for warmer sunshine held true.

I setup in the square to paint "The Depot", a sweet little railroad museum and gift shop tucked into Abbeville's downtown area. I was very grateful to meet the man who made it all happen, Mr. Charlie Sonnier, owner of The Depot and several other well known establishments in the area.  The Depot was about to be torn down when Mr. Charlie rescued it and had it moved to its current location.

The Depot

I didn't take very many pictures today.  I guess I was busy having a good time and enjoying the beautiful day.

My painting thus far (incomplete)
Finished paintings available for purchase will be posted to my website

During the day, several people stopped by to say hello and let us know they were reading the blog and saw the newspaper article.  Councilman Brady Broussard, stopped by to say hello and offered some very interesting history facts of Abbeville and a tip on where I could find more.  I also visited with Liz who is with the Abbeville Garden Club.  They are maintaining the area around the square and a beautiful area it is.  I even had a visit from a sweet little girl, Sarah, who stopped by with her Daddy to say hi to Lucy and see what I was painting.

Lucy waiting and hoping for visitors

Abbeville is such an appealing town with wonderful architecture but its the friendly people who make it the great place that it is.  We really enjoyed visiting with you all...  Lucy and I love to visit!

Happy Painting!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Article: Two Ladies Busy Painting Abbeville Architecture

This was an article that appeared in the about Denise and I painting in Abbeville. Every place we have painted, people in the area have been so receptive to what we are doing and Abbeville is no exception.


Maria Randolph (front) and Denise Broussard paint the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Abbeville.
Written by Laura Trahan
It is a beautiful, yet slightly windy day in Abbeville, and Maria Randolph and Denise Broussard are busy painting oil portraits of the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, one of some of the historic buildings in Abbeville that graced their canvas.
“This is my fourth building. I painted this church, the other church (St. Mary Magdalen), Black’s and Magdalen Place,” said Randolph.
The two painters have been here for about three weeks, and have so far painted pictures of those places, finding a nice place outside to do their work. Broussard and Randolph are part of the Lafayette Art Association, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire and educate others in visual arts. It also sets up galleries and displays throughout the area.
“I like to paint the churches,” said Broussard, whose website shows different ones from Louisiana and Florida. “I’m doing a series of churches and Abbeville has a lot of beautiful churches as well as historical buildings.”
“I’m painting historical buildings of interest around this area,” said Randolph. “I live in Maurice, and Denise and I have been painting together for about three years and we travel all over. We paint wherever there’s a landscape.”
Both of them have blogs showcasing their works, though it is more of a hobby for them. They also have paintings on display at some exhibits throughout the area. They are what some may call “plein air,” or “open air,” artists who tend to do more of their painting outside than indoors. They have even created an open group on Facebook called “Happy Medium” to attract artists who use different styles such as acrylics, watercolor and sketching, and they encourage any and all of them to join.
“It is open to all artists,” said Broussard, “and we’re actually getting more and more artists to paint with us. Yesterday, we had two other people painting with us.”
They have painted together for three years and have traveled to Mississippi and Florida among other places to paint or enter art competitions and usually paint wherever there is a great area to do so. Broussard commented on how there is a lot to paint around Abbeville.
The two of them show their work throughout the state, mostly around this area, and they both have upcoming shows around Lafayette.
“We do it for fun,” said Broussard. “I have a show right now at Lafayette Art Association, and Maria’s going to have a show at Poupart’s.
The two of them enjoy plein air painting very much, and the people around them also seem to take interest in what they are doing, and that helps encourage them to continue their art.
When asked what they enjoy about it, Randolph replied, “The fresh air, and just the camaraderie of being able to get together with a bunch of different artists. This is such a friendly area. Everybody stops to visit and to see what we’re doing.”
“We meet people all the time. People take an interest, and that’s what keeps us going - people’s interest,” Broussard added.
As mentioned, the two of them have their own blogs and websites where others can view their previous paintings and exhibits. Broussard’s is and Randolph’s, which also links to her own Blogspot page.

Friday, April 11, 2014

St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Abbeville, LA

I headed out this morning, moaning and groaning, to meet my painting bud, Denise Broussard, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Vermilion Street in Abbeville, LA.  I've been painting all week and wanted to just stay in bed this morning;  I didn't and... all said and done, I'm very glad.  This little Church is so quaint!  I spent quite a bit of time trying to research history on the building but was unable to find any.

We enjoyed the day painting and visiting with some interesting people.  A reporter from The Meridional (Abbeville's local newspaper) stopped by to take our picture and get a scoop for the paper.  We met another artist from the Destin, Florida area who was visiting here with his family. We also visited with a sweet  couple who were married in the Church.  While there, we took a tour of The Caldwell House next door, a beautiful B&B.  I think we are causing a stir of art enthusiasts in Abbeville.

Again, my painting is not finished but I will be posting it on my blog and website for sale once complete.

Happy Painting!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Magdalen Place in Abbeville

I woke up a little late this morning with allergy issues after having painted all day yesterday under the trees, but I pulled it together and headed out the door without Lucy, oh oh.  She was so pitiful as I drove away.

I met 3 artists friends to paint near the square in Abbeville today.  Two of us painted Magdalen Place and the other two painted St. Mary Magdalen Church.  We met up around noon in the square to take a break, visit and have lunch.

Okay so this painting is not finished, but I will post it when it is completed.

I particularly wanted you to notice the bus that is driving down the street in the background of the photo.  Early on in the day we were painting and a lady driving a bus like the one in the picture decided to park right in front of us to wait for someone.  She was a little further along than the one in the picture, so we could not see much of the building at all.  I waited and waited and waited, then eventually asked her nicely if she were going to be very long because we were painting the building right there.  She asked me "Am I in your way".  I said "Yes Ma'am", thankfully she moved around the corner for us. Oh well...

We had a great time today laughing and visiting with the folks in the area.  Abbeville is filled with so many friendly people.  They always wave and/or stop by to say hello.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blacks in Abbeville, LA

I headed out this morning with Lucy to meet my painting buddy,  Denise Broussard, for another plein air painting day in Abbeville, LA.  Denise and I chose different subjects so we ended up not painting near one another.

I painted Black's Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant in Abbeville.  Black's was a seafood icon for many years serving some of the finest seafood dishes around  I have been wanting to paint this building for awhile and was very happy for the opportunity to paint there.

Lucy Enjoying the View

I enjoyed the day soaking up the fresh air and sunshine and visiting with the locals who happened by.

I still have a little tweaking to do but wanted to post these anyway.  These and other paintings will be available for sale on my website,

Black's Oyster Bar
(11 x 14 - oil on linen)

Another Note:  Denise and I both have our own facebook pages but we have now created a plein air page called "Happy Medium".  You can find us there posting about our painting adventures.  If you would like to follow us on facebook, please send us a friend request.

Hope you all had a very nice day...
Happy Painting!

Plein air painting in Abbeville

Last week I headed outdoors with my puppy, Lucy, to meet our friends, Denise Broussard and Olive, for a little fresh air painting in Abbeville.  It was a wonderful sunny day, a great day for painting.  Lucy and I love painting and hanging out in the square and visiting with the locals who wander through the little park there.

This day I picked the street scene across the street from St. Mary Magdalene Church.

The sunlight was awesome!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Church in Abbeville

Lucy and I headed out a few days ago to meet a friend in Abbeville to paint.  With the unusual cold winter down south, I was very excited to finally get outdoors to soak up some sun and fresh air.  Lucy always enjoys hanging out and making friends with anyone who will look her way.

This is St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Abbeville, Louisiana.  Its such a beautiful and massive structure.  I still have a small bit of tweaking but for the most part its finished.

St. Mary Magdelen
8 x 16 - oils on linen

          Happy Painting Y'all!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ft. Myers "Paint the Beach" Event

I recently attended the annual plein air "Paint the Beach" event in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida with my friend, Denise Broussard.  Our hubbies stayed home to take care of our puppies and we headed for our beach adventure.

The painting event was a week long and included 3 days of painting plus a quick draw competition. The weeks events began with a "Meet and Greet" reception at Nervous Nellies Bar and Grill.

Day 1 - We decided on shrimp boats, go figure.  While checking out the docked shrimp boats the day before we met the captain of the Pirates Sons (black and white boat below) who offered us the opportunity to sit and paint from their boat deck the next day as the crew would be off, sweet.

We showed up next morning, set up and painted. The bay winds were brutal.  I tried putting up my umbrella but that was hopeless, although I did manage to crank out a painting.

Here I am painting from the stern of the boat.

Day 2 - We headed to Ascension Catholic Church grounds.  We started the day by attending the 8 a.m. mass in the chapel of the San Damiano Monastery of St. Clare on the church grounds then setup outside to paint the church.  The church and grounds were beautiful!  It was a very pleasant day of painting with no winds to battle.

Day 3 - We headed for the beach to paint.  We had a few hiccups like where to tie down the umbrella, volley ball nets and wind, but I was pleased at my end result.  Did you know sand does not stick to a brush with turp on it... lol

Day 4 - This day was turn in your paintings and the gala reception that night.

Day 5 - We headed to the Ft. Myers Time Square to have our canvases and panels stamped then setup to paint the 2 hour quick draw.  I'm not a fast painter so this rush rush made me a little nervous.  I decided to paint small (8 x 8 panel).

Here I am cleaning up after the quick draw, painting completed, pressure off.

Because we had such a long trip home we decided to pack up and head home shortly after the judging.  This was a great trip and I am grateful for the wonderful memories but also happy to be back home.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Breaux's Grocery in Leroy, LA

My quest to paint "en plein air" continues as I travel nearby looking to spot something that interests me.  I decided on the little grocery store in Leroy, LA.  I've been wanting to paint this little store for some time.  Lucy and I headed out on a Friday morning to enjoy the day and cooler temperatures. We had a wonderful day visiting with the locals.  I met 2 artists, a man who offered for me to paint his horse and several others who stopped by to see what I was doing.

The store serves sandwiches and the local farmers would stop in to pick one up and/or sit on this sweet little bench under the umbrella to eat their lunch and enjoy the day.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Painting Shrimpboats on Tuesday

Today is my plein air painting adventure day with my Lucy and  painting buddy Denise Broussard. You guessed it, we painted shrimp boats again.  Olive Lou stayed home with her daddy today so Lucy didn't have a friend to play with while we painted but she was such a little angel.

We got out on location early, checked out the marina to try and finish out paintings from last week but the boat I was painting was out fishing and other boats were in the way for Denise to continue her painting.  Guess that one is for another trip later.

We decided to leave there and went back to our spot with the larger boats. As I began setting up a few things went wrong.  I have this 6' umbrella and a plein air umbrella that I usually bring. Rushing to get out of the house, I forgot my umbrella stand at home.  When I opened the big red umbrella, the thumb stopper that keeps the umbrella open was broken. So, I improvised.   I shoved an old toothbrush I had in my paint stuff into the umbrella and laid it on its side for shade for Lucy and I used the other one.

Oh, and did I mention, my turp container accidentally opened and all my turp leaked out who knows where.  I borrowed from Denise, thank God for painting buddies.  And it was very, very, very windy. 

Because of our time schedule and all my time lost trying to figure out the umbrella fiasco, I decided not to paint a huge painting.  I painted 8 x 8 of three of the boats docked at the end of the canal. Because of all the time I lost, I had to move fast.

I skipped over the sketching, measuring, composition, etc. planning that I usually think through before I begin.  I just put my earphones on, listened to music, enjoyed the day and let everything just flow naturally.

I don't have a picture of this, but there were about 8 boats docked in this small canal.  While we were painting a couple of other boats exchanged places while we were there.  It is so unbelievable  how these captains can just maneuver these huge boats in and out of this small canal like they are parking a little tiny boat.  Amazing!


Lucy helping 
"I got this"